Tantric baba!!!


My Indian readers will be abel to relate to this blog more specifically.Seems to me hilarious now but in 1997 wen I was in my initial bio polar,my family had been given the suggestions by every second person to take me to a tantric baba(I call them unprofessional wannabe doctors) Having any kind of mental illness in those day was a taboo in Indian society.Unlike today not many doctors specialised in treating mental disorders then.Succumbing to family pressure my hubby took me to one.I was myself only 20 then,and panicked when I saw one.My palpitation grew to the zenith when I was made to wait for my turn.Seeing the scenario there I had realised if I try to exit from there and fail in doing so,I would be given third degree torture.So I just cried and held my hubby’s hand tight.

Finally it was my turn and I was made to sit in front of the highly recommended baba.He did crazy things to me.Checked my eyes,my tounge,my pulse,pinched my nose,my ears,touched my tonsils,and also slipped his hands in my shirt keeping it for a few seconds longer.He diagnosed that I have an evil spirit residing in me and I should eat his powder and come back to him after a week.Before getting up my hubby touched his feet n slipped a 100 rupee note under his carpet.Pleased with that he chanted some mantras n brushed me or rather hit me hard with his so called broom. I love my country and it’s rich culture but feel sad for our strong beliefs in ghost and black magic which are still very much alive in remote villages and lesser in cities.


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