My stress buster angels



They mean the world to me.During my bp days the urge to have a four legged baby had become my goal.Convincing my hubby was not easy as I had two small kids growing at home.As you all aware in bp you can’t take a “NO” as an answer,I put my thoughts into actions and added my new lab named Feedo to our surname.He gave me joy that had no limits and convinced my hubby on how right my decision was.

When Feedo was 5 again the urge of having a new member to my family made me even more insane.Living with bp I was never satisfied with d no 1…always 2 gave me the perfect satisfaction (I eloped and married twice,once in court n the second time traditionally,but with the same man of my dreams) I pursued in my thoughts and got my fluffy a golden retriever ignoring the fact that my daughter was in preparations of her boards!!

Sooner realisation hit me that nurturing my two angels is a task.ThAx to my ever caring sister she opted for adopting my fluffy.Slowly but gradually I realised all my decisions are not right.The fact that I got them into my family and they heard me without questioning my insanity prepared me for my adoption.


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