Bipolar planned diet

This is the only diet which works in the opposite direction.The word medicines contradicts to all beautiful words like natural sleep,being slim,composed,balanced and last but not the least eating.If I manage to succeed in getting one of my child to be a doctor,I will give him or her a long personal training in which my only topic will be caring and being considerate.

I agree bipolar disorder when in extreme cases,leaves the doctor very little scope or no scope at all to act lenient.He not only has to suppress my wicked me but also has to keep in my mind a similar life threatening episode keeping my loved ones in mind.The Medes were given my doctor to the wicked me but I suffered obesity and helplessness in my daily activities.

Only after being in the dark for too long do u enjoy the sunshine.Today it’s been 36 months I’m blessed n freed from Medes.It requires a lot of self control but very much possible.



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