Alter ego accomodation


Home home I need a home!!
Why don’t you have one of your own?
I am in search of a meek and weak!!
But I did not advertise my space,
You are in a phase,and I knew my pace!!
Tell me the advantage of renting out my soul?
Try me, try me,and you’ll see you are in gain!!
Who in today’s world has the time for others gain?
I am nobody else but the stronger you,I promise I’ll be good if you give me food!
Why don’t I get the positive instinct in you?
You think a lot,let me enter and I’ll prove it to you!!
When you enter how long will you stay?
I’ll stay longer than you want me to go!!
Why are you so complex and complicating?
Because I’m the opposite of you!!
Ok ok welcome to my home.
I knew it was a two minutes job to convince you take entry in your brain!!


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