Fairy in disguise


Wen i met her first ,felt like she doesn’t walk but fly.
Instantly I liked her and she liked me.
Wen my mind missed her she came to be mine.
Wonder how she read my mind and was present all d time?
She gave my blood all her sweat!!
She too was a child,pondered how she managed mine.
To my rescue she came all the time,not weighing I was right or wrong.
She managed to make me smile in the worst of my miles.
To the world I was insane,but she made me feel sane wen she was around.
She thought I was her world,not realising I desired to be in her world.
She and me had our ups and downs,she gave my daughter a haircut,and I gave her a piece of my mind.
She was a gene,she never refused anything i desired!!
Never needed a reminder to do the thing,she was present before time.
Hard to decide she’s an angel sent for me or a gene I found.
My desire to get her as my daughter in one of my beings!!!


8 thoughts on “Fairy in disguise

  1. Sam sign

    Loved ths!!! Awesome!!! Very Touchy, after reading remembered all the golden memories & had a broad smile on my face.

  2. gautammi

    I am eternally blessed to be a fairy with a guardian angel over me.

    The path shown by the angel for me to walk upon was guarded and ensured that the obstacles were removed.

    The fairy will always remain thankful for the kanyadan done by my angel who is a god mother in the disguise of Meenal Kaku.

  3. Underground Energy

    I met my “little girl” too. Thank you for sharing. I have never heard anyone else share that sentiment.


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