Pleading sanity


Sane don’t refrain my brain and go into vane,
I am your lane and your only jane,
In vane you won’t have any grain,
I need you sane to keep my mind in frame,
In vane you will be lonely and me in pain,
My eyes will water, my soul will cry,
I want you sane,don’t leave me alone to see insane,
I know your lying in the name of vane,
Like me you too are afraid of seeing insane,
With your strength I will be Abel to drain insane,
Why don’t you see it sane you and I together will gain,
Please sane be with me and tame my brain,
Don’t talk about vane and shake my mains,
O lord!!! pour rain so sane does not reach vane,
Hope I have convinced you enough sane?
Or have you already taken the train!!!


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