Happy bday to my mirror image


Extremely happy today,as 17 years back my daughter gave birth to the mother in me.When I look at her today,feeling like pride,love,care,intelligence,happiness,humanity,softness,beauty,engulf me.With me being a bp always,postpartum physcosis was introduced to my system shortly after I delivered her!!! Looking at the past and comparing it today,I feel blessed I managed to mould her to a beautiful human being.Yes 15 January was the blame date for my behaviour in those days,and today too it’s an inner guilt date I feel toward her.

While I thought I was suffering in those initial stages because of her,actually I was the tormentor to a child who dint even know how to put her steps together to start walking.While I was suffering an illness which hardly Indian doctors had heard at that time,my daughter was being tortured with a bad mother.Lots of pain and sufferings are associated with today’s date.Pain is there in me till today but that of guilt.While she has a bigger heart than me and says MOM,it wasn’t your fault,my guilt of things which I was made to do because of my illness still and will always torment me.


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