Our creation


You were the seed of our love,
Thank you for giving me a rebirth,
I thought I was too young a girl,
But your existence made me complete,
Until you came to life,
I realised the importance of mine,
When she first handed over you to me,
I admired the creation of our love,
Being in fear I was too large for you,
The mother in me took care of you,
Before you knew of hunger inside you,
My cells aroused and prepared me,
Seeing you take your first step,
Gave me joy that cannot be compared,
When you learnt to put your tongue out and speak,
Amongst all only I knew what you meant,
The little things that you did,
Kept me admiring and adoring you,
Your smallest needs,
Kept me on my toes,and help me pass my time,
To get you to where our love had dreamed,
Indeed we worked hard,and made that true.


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