Happy birthday papa


It’s my dad’s birthday today.20 jan, a date I’ll remember until my death or incase I’m hit by Alzheimer’s.Today I have all the material things I need to celebrate his birthday but I don’t have him.May 8 2006 he took his last breath and prepared for his journey to heaven.I remember him very often in my heart when things relating to him happen in my life,and when I see my daughter getting the same princess treatment by her father.My dad was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was an exceptionally extremely good human being,but his fate loved playing games with him.He was a rich mans delight until my sister and brother came into existence and became a pauper when I was born.It didn’t make a difference to him though when it came to be the man of the house but not for too long.His fates statistics graph only declined over the years.

By the time I grew things had changed,my mum had lost hope in my fathers fate.Having three children,she wasn’t left with too many options.School fees and food were her basic requirements, for which she started working.It was not a pleasant sight for my father to see.The agony,pain,insufficiency of his being the man of the house never effected his love for his family.He was a voracious reader and read story’s to me to make me sleep,cooked for me my favourite delicacies when I was back from school.To him we three children were his life.More than 23 years this saga continued until one fine day his fate was back to him and this time with a great bang.

Today when I remember him,i feel he’s made up to us for those years which were not intentionally brought by him but by his fate.He left his name and his talent for us to use.He taught us to be good human beings,and never to loose hope in thick or thin.He taught us to be fighters.Love u papa,I know you are reading.


14 thoughts on “Happy birthday papa

  1. Kirti

    Definitely your papa is watching his little dotting daughter & showering his blessings to her …..& am sure He is really very proud of u Meenal …..


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