LOVE~lust of the vulgar eye


Love me love me lust me not
Let me lust my love is lost
My love is cold need no lust
Let me lust you I feel very close
Your love must lust my love is just a trust
Trust my lust it’s just a must
Your must lust gets on to my guts
Don’t go nuts my lust will dust
My love is on moods prove your love forget your lust


5 thoughts on “LOVE~lust of the vulgar eye

  1. salilrane1670

    What’s lust for you is love for him and if your love is cold than he will lose his lust …. The very meaning of eternal love is accepting both the sides diligently and not with choice which are convenient to you …. Love sadly is not full of choices , it’s filled sacrifice , insults , back paining hardwork ….Let me sight a Urdu Couplet ” ye isk nahi ashan yeh agg ka darya hai … Buss dobhta Jana hai ” love is not easy …love is a river of fire you only have to go deeper ……


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