A possibility but with positive efforts put in


That was the face I use to make when people reminded me to take my medicines!!! Medications,medicines or Medes are the words we all bipolar hate to hear,but by default we get to hear it,irrespective of us being at home,or out having a good lunch with a close friend,or maybe enjoying a good movie at a relatives place.They feel it is their right to do so,and a way of proving they care for us. I remember being told a minimum 10 times during the whole day!! I use to snap back by telling them for GOD’s sake I’m bipolar,I don’t suffer from Alzheimer’s,and then their management skills would be on display.Either by a hug or those sentences which use to get on my nerves: We just want you to get better,we don’t want a repeat episode,we love you,so what even we take Medes,you too can do us a favour by reminding us and etc etc etc!!! I remember the torture Medes did to my figure which wasn’t a 36 26 36,but I wasn’t at least bloated and never had sad eyes.In the name of illness and for the sake of love I underwent 6 shock treatments,had steroids that added fats to my body,made me slur,overeat,and deprived me of my daily chores by injecting liquids and swelling almost every part of my body.They thought a sleeping monster would be better than an awake demon.


In 2011 I myself was tired of my own sufferings,I use to not like the look my mirror showed me.Blessed with my own maturity,and seeing my loved ones get tormented by my evil and vindictive mind,jittered my soul and dragged me into sanity.My own willpower and positive outlook to get my mind thinking rationally gave me strength of going against medicines.It wasn’t easy for me and neither for my family.The decision was mine but my family feared the consequence of it backfiring!! I am also fortunate in having the best husband,in laws,kids without whom my own existence was a challenge.Precautions were taken by me and my loved ones to ensure my safety and the safety of all around me by repeat visits to my therapist. Today I would not advice anyone to leave medicines ever without consulting their psychiatrist!!


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