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Hello and greeting from INDIA.Today is a very beautiful day here as it is “GUDI PADWA”together with “NAVRATRI” and tomorrow is “CHETI CHAND”.All very religious days and gives only happiness and peace of mind.As it’s a new year for me and all maharastrians,we start our day by getting up early,having bath,decorating the main door with flowers and some lighted candles and then praying to all the GODS that are there in one particular corner of the house,or some have a whole room dedicated to their temple at home! It is said that to be an auspicious to buy anything new on this day and visit relatives or let guest visit homes as it’s a day for caring and sharing.Love is all around the place anywhere and everywhere.Mumbai is crowded today with lots of people,traffic, and all married woman looking their best in sarees.All shops filled with people buying whatever they feel comfortable with.All children look happy as it’s a holiday for them.All banks feel relieved as the financial year ends with a new year.Same goes with the working class.I feel blessed as after my sabatical hybernation post,I started with my new categogary which I planned to write on “HOLI”.

NAVRATRI means celebrating the nine nights of the GODESS DURGA who has nine divine faces.Vaishnudevi mata resides high up in the mountains in Jammu and Kashmir deeper inside a place called katra.It is a festival of rituals,fasts and dance.Anybody from any religion can enjoy this festival as it is known as the vasant or chaitra NAVRATRI mostly followed by the people living in Northern India.Garba (Dance) is a Gujarati folk dance played with two sticks.It is also performed on stages and in society’s all over INDIA.If watched with intensity and rythym it’s an intoxicating trance.The nine divine forms of the GODESS DURGA are as follows:

1) Maa Shailputri

2) Maa Brahmacharini

3) Maa Chandraghanta

4) Maa Kushmanda

5) Maa Katyayani

6) Maa Kalratri

7) Maa Siddhidatri

8) Maa Skandmata

9) Maa Mahagauri




CHETI CHAND is the Indian and Pakistan festival and happy new year of the Sindhis. According to the Hindu calendar it comes one day after GUDI PADWA.Lord JULELAL the GOD of water was born on this day who is the patron saint of the Sindhis.It is said and believed that if anybody has any water issues and if one prays to JULELAL and asks for help,the problems related to water get solved.I personally have tried and tested it and I believe water is the HEALER.




On a mute mode at home till I feel contented…. Feel free as holidays have hit me after ages.No… I don't go to school or college but my mom duties are just over,they having a good time!Practicing what I preech to both my kids,be far from the internet,avoid junk,watch good movies,listen to good music, and read good books,get your creativity out. Torn apart myself but my prefrences are clear,downloaded a dozen movies on my wish list and more than a dozen books on goodreads.Wife,daughter,sister,daughter-in- law duties still pending.Happy days are back again:)


In thick and thin

Old wine and old freindship

On test forever….ever ready to tickle the pores

With pleasures unknown to the mind and heart

Filled with surprises of taste and life is not a waste

Both when blended….. Flashback memories


Past was bygones….. Present is beautiful

Friends forever…..future security

Flowers blooming…..hearts contented

Blood relations are so many

True friends come so rarely


Every emotions felt…. In the friendship roller coaster

Let's go Dutch…..let's have another fudge

Sharing likes….. Accepting preferences

Sometimes ego….. All the time sacrifices

Secrets shared…… Trustworthy


Timeless restrictions……souls connected

Feel at home…….remote is mine

Let this moment never pass

Breath slow…… Time will fly

Catch you soon….. Reason will be new


Scientific intuitions


Minds play games…challenge accepted
Logical and laterally supported
Senses feel….sixth sense stronger
Believe in life after death
Doctors are like God

Positivity fearlessness fresh air
Were always the gift of God
Myths are myths….traditionally or legendary
Love threads marriage relations remain
Rituals demigods religions are the following

Apples pure water fresh juices
Options are many…choose wisely
Nature has plenty….use them or blend them
Strengths boosters are LPG
Inventors research….patterns change

History repeats


Once upon a time long ago
There was born a baby girl
Happy was she to come to this world
Unknown to herself was she
Drama queen or an over actor

Full of surprises was her life
Filled with fun and frolic
Some sunshine…. some the storm
Little was she….so trembled with fear
Innocently accepted all feelings
Love hate tears hugs insults abuses

There came a knight in shining armour
Picked her up and galloped away her pains
Proud parents a few years later
A heir to their names
Demi God was he to his mother

Took all her pains by a silent shutter
Sacrifices are never a waste
History repeats today
Once again against all odds
Fearless is the baby girl

Time capsule


Wasted hours in incumbent
Battling between evil and good
Realised the value of a day
Battling once again
The lost treaty

Old patterns embedded strongly
Change is irritable
Convinced the other side is greener
Patience and hope are the new teachers
The minds are quick learners

The pendulums oscillation
Times have changed
Minds are one
Love gratitude serenity faith
In search of the lost kingdom

Surrendering is the past
Fearless is the future
Trust is in queue
Arrivals with open arms
Welcome to the new play

Bipolar personality emergency


It all started on 6th January 2014,my first day on WordPress.I had said no to medicines since March 2012 and two years later almost same time I was put for just 5 days on severely strong medications due to stress, I thought I could manage on my own and pain which was unbearable.The need to do all things myself and have everything perfect was my cobweb and after repeated warnings and signals about my closed ones telling me I was on the edge,I gave all of them a deaf ear.There were many factors that aggravated my bipolar like my husband travelling for 5 days a week for his work schedules,my father-in-laws prostrate cancer surgery,my kids final exams,our 18th anniversary,my blog and last but not the least my pms and over sensitive stomach and back aches.I was very reckless while dealing with my own body in the past and thought it’s always supported me in thick and thin.Now that I’m 38 I realised I’m not getting any younger.

Due to the articles I wrote,I use to be awake late night and my sleep had vanished.I felt responsible for my kids,my home and my family during the day time.All this created a lot of pain in me and my confusions started.I wanted to be there for everyone without telling them I was suffering inside.Too many thoughts in my mind and excessive talking made my husband realise I needed help.He started counselling me,telling me to organise my time and get my biological factors right.I behaved rude with him and everyone who tried to help me telling them they don’t understand what I’m going through.It was the last straw that broke the camels back, when I was struck with a water infection,migraine and high blood pressure.I then knew I was sick as I had severe diarrhoea and vomiting,food was impossible to get into my system.More than a week I lived on water,fruit juices and curd with minimum to eat that too home made vegetarian food.I was stubborn as I dint want to take medications which from past two years were invisible.Since something had to be done my husband took me to a local doctor to cure my viral infection, and then to my psychiatrist.He explained the whole concept to me very well and I was convinced with the medications.

Had taken medicines for long years so was also little skeptical and tried seeing the side effects on google.It was a waste as my husband rightly said “extra analysis leads to paralysis”! I’m feeling completely good and healthy again,as this Friday my verdict to stop medicines or taper them gradually will be out! Was always called a sleeping beauty all my life so my inner instincts are kept positive by myself.I would love to thank once again my whole family and friends for their unconditional support. Would also like to thank all my amazing friends here on WordPress and twitter who were a part of my confusions and silliness.I feel blessed to have support from places which I never expected ever.

Bipolar personality disorder is an illness of the mind.We need to be the ruler of our minds and not slaves to it.Due to medications drinking ample of water and liquids is essential.Bipolar is like diabetes or blood pressure and one must never ignore medications.Going to a counsellor for venting out feelings on a regular basis is very helpful.I personally feel life is too beautiful to love, and a waste of time to hate.