In thick and thin

Old wine and old freindship

On test forever….ever ready to tickle the pores

With pleasures unknown to the mind and heart

Filled with surprises of taste and life is not a waste

Both when blended….. Flashback memories


Past was bygones….. Present is beautiful

Friends forever…..future security

Flowers blooming…..hearts contented

Blood relations are so many

True friends come so rarely


Every emotions felt…. In the friendship roller coaster

Let's go Dutch…..let's have another fudge

Sharing likes….. Accepting preferences

Sometimes ego….. All the time sacrifices

Secrets shared…… Trustworthy


Timeless restrictions……souls connected

Feel at home…….remote is mine

Let this moment never pass

Breath slow…… Time will fly

Catch you soon….. Reason will be new



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