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Bipolar dreams

A life of a person having bipolar personality disorder ain't an easy life.Living with mood swings at all the times,fighting with the good and bad that exist in the mind, having to take heavy medications and living up to society rules.All said and done bipolars are human too and they too have feelings, must say more than normal people.They have dreams and aspirations too.Heavy medications and facing family and friends for a bipolar person is one difficult task.Family and friends and acquaintances should be very cordial and understanding as it's the most important moral support for a person suffering the disorder.There are many people with bipolar who are working people too.If one knows a person is suffering from bipolar, it clearly explains the behaviour of the person.For some who are not aware of people suffering the disorder,it might seem like the person is either weird or having a lot of attitude as the mood swings are the main cause in this disorder.At one moment a bipolar person will be hyper and excitited and will say all the good things and the next moment you can be ready for a shock as the bipolar person can either throw tantrums and get difficult or go extremely in depression and become quiet.It is a very tacky situation for an onlooker as bipolar people can look very poised and comfortable on the outside.It is their minds that play games with them.

Being a bipolar has it's own positive sides too. People with the disorder are very creative,loving and affectionate as their heart and body's go through a lot of thoughts and feelings.One must encourage such people to pursue their dreams as they need a lot of motivations and appreciations.Since they go through a lot of mood swings their relations with family and friends is not so much up to the mark.Not all people can understand them at all times.It is my personal feeling that one can help oneself.Mood swings and anger can be controlled as it's all in the mind.It can be controlled well in a lot of ways!

1) Taking the prescribed medications

2) Seeing a psychiatrist from time to time

3) Knowing and self realising a situation

4) keeping oneself busy be it work or play

5) Venting out by seeing a counsellor once a fortnight

6) Trying not to get into arguments with people without ryme or reason

7) Talking and sharing your difficulties with family and close friends

8) Asking for help when not comfortable doing certain things

9) Having a pet dog or a cat really helps

10) Channelising your creative inbuilt hobbys or talents in the right direction

Nothing is “IMPOSSIBLE! The word impossible itself if given space is spelt as,”IM POSSIBLE”! A bipolar person has to tame their two minds with positive thoughts,and get it in harmony with each other.Understanding that the minds go through some chemical imbalances, one must accept the reality and not be a slave to their minds.One must pursue their dreams and truly believe in themselves, having the self confidence by trying and putting efforts in what one likes.Be it any hobby or an inbuilt talent one has to give it a try by channelising ones energy in the right direction.Sucess is a blend of hard work and good time invested.



The inner voice or the sixth sense

The courage the sheer yes

The feeling the voice the guidance

It feels just so virtuous

The positive quotient to all the unanswered

Like an angel shining in white

Mind body soul in harmony

Do nothing until you hear that bell

Mind reading the souls pursuit

Spirutual divine the gospel truth

All things strange and alien felt and seen

If only you could glimpse the night from my sight

You would fathom the growing temptation of the unseen



The power of positive thoughts…..mind games

Seeking searching imagining manipulating at times

Thou shalt battle with thy neighbour

Crimson revenge sweet as a pie

Soul mesmirized by satan….. Feeding on treasures

Pious or evil…. The species in combat

Pyramids of faith built…..castles in dreams

Antagonistic natures dwell together

Building empires building faith

Age diminished by time….a screeching halt

The souls awakening….. Asking for forgiveness

Memorising the birth….. Shadowing mortality



The fire within us……. The light within us

For some love at first sight

For others waiting for eternity

Take me afar……. My knight in Shining armour

Curious impatient restless painful

Profound in feelings…. Immersed in thoughts

Cursed at times with the jungle chess

Take me afar……my knight in shining armour

Superficial wound or tied knots

Sleepless nights with day dreaming

Imagination bewithced….. A magical night

Take me afar…… My knight in shining armour

Take me in your arms… wish is your command

Poised in hypnotisim…..breathtaking portrait

Magnetic charishma…..rainbow of love

Take me afar…… My knight in shining armour

Be mine forevermore ….. Stay with me endlessly

Be my princess…..let us sing the unchanged melody

Worshipping and cherishing for ever and ever and ever



An exotic holiday I had in October 2013 with my family.Was in bangalore at that time and took a flight from there to male airport.The excitement had begun as my family had already reached there.I was travelling alone and had to reach the resort named “Antara Dhigu”.Tourism is the largest economic industry in Maldives and plays an important role in earning foreign currency and generating employment in the tertiary sector of the country.The Archipelago of Maldives is the main source of attraction to many people visiting it worldwide.It is also said to be the best recreational diving destinations of the world.Apt honeymoon destination too.My flight was with many newly weds.The island country is in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty six atolls stretching in a north- south direction of Lakshadweep Islands and between minicoy Islands and chaos archipelago.It stands in the laccadive sea about 700 kilo meters (435 mi) southwest of Srilanka.The language spoken in Maldives is Divehi.The food consists of coconut,fish and starchy items.Since it's an island mostly the mode of transport is speed boats mainly which are provided by resorts on an hourly basis.Inside the resorts we were provided bicycles to go to and fro for eating,shopping or using the resorts spa facility and also for water sports.


The clear water makes one very excited about water sports like swimming,snorkelling,diving,water skiing,wind surfing,and kite boarding.For me I was lucky as my niece and brother-in -law are padi certified dive masters and under their guidance I went underwater with the oxygen mask and fins and for the first time was really amazed at how beautiful the world there looks. All types of fish, big and small and colourful with their even colourful mushroom look alike houses( reifs) Indeed spine-tingling.The moment was just too perfect underwater with the climate favouring us too. None of us wanted to come out at all. We had an underwater camera and took a lot of pictures as we dived a little more deeper hand in hand.Being underwater makes one feel very hungry and thirsty so at intervals we would come out for snacks and refreshments out in the room which was on the island itself.Must say food and drinks are very expensive all over Maldives.We were there for 4 nights so once we travelled to the capital of Maldives that is Male.It's an amazing city with proper buildings,shops,cars and petrol pumps.It took us 30 minutes in a speed boat to reach there.Durng the nighs we use to dine at the resort itself which consisted of a mixed menu of continental,Italian,Maldivian and Indian food.Mouth watering when I remember the chutneys I had there especially the red ones and the jumbo size prawns.A treat to the taste buds.A holiday I can't wait to go just once more or maybe twice.



Greetings are a must…..audience are the judge

Tickets to a play……. Mentally challenged forever in gear

Normal is boring…… Certified insanes in demand

Immense energy passd out….. In audit

Change for the better…… Ignorance is bliss

Minds in dispute…… Astray away

Free the mind let the soul fly

Socially incompatibility….. Long lasting never

Traditions and values….. Indebted forever

Creative are they….. Alone are they

Support is a name….. Fame is the new name



Day dreaming at times….. Running wild

Colourful black and white

Some with closed eyes and immersion

Some with open eyes and absorption

Infinite spirals seen… Going wild in the cells

Feelings expressions at its best

Thoughts thoughts and only thoughts

Some admirable…… Some awful

Staring at the wall never looked so alluring

Darkness illuminated with moving images

Travellers in space….. Reaching on time

Let the canvas of imagination enliven day by day