Monthly Archives: May 2014

Vampire on the prowl


Well hidden and behaved was it within

Until the new moon was out

Hungry for war and blood

Finally it was ready to strike

Anger outburst and uncontrolled fits

That’s what it has to offer to its kinship

Looks human with a devilish face

The minds are slaves to its negativity

The body is heavy and out of motion

Take a close look at this vampire

It is your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder


Virtual robots

Habituated and depended are we on the support out there

Technology slaves has become the human race

Statuses more in demand than the size and shapes

Imaginary friends with pretty masked faces

Feelings and expressions based on smileys

Willingness to accept the unknown side

Spoken words are fewer and rare

Texting tagging and sharing are in the air

Adam and Eve are just a tale left behind

Gizmo freaks are getting downloaded

Pray the bees are everlastingly busy making their hives


The gut feeling

Always forever in two minds are we

Eager for the answers we already know

Over thinking and over reacting to the no

Prolonging and yearning for the set direction

Confused and hyper are the feelings

Why ask when the gut has already answered

Human nature is so filled with worries

Why can't we relax and answer in a trice

Have faith in him and trust your instincts

Your shadow is the only one


The devils portal

The beginning of the anguish and pain

Six to seven days prior to the stains

The cells in the brain thumping hard

Heart pounding in the throat

Peevishness and resentment on the inner

Tantrums and fingers pointing at others

Punish men severely is the command

Innocent posture blaming it on her

Are we the weeker or the stronger sex

Judgments based on the damages done

Have you forgotten that birth is given by her





A silent voice that says everything

The connection to contentment

Happiness never ending

Mind body and soul relaxed

People and places don't matter anymore

The hearts in a trance

Listening to natures melodies

It's free forever and everyone

Solitude and solace are it's goals

Get there and be a part of the bliss

It's never too late start your journey now


The invisibles

The existence of the outter world

Seen heard and felt by the few

The voices the positive instincts

Myths to some strong beleifs to others

The world is believed to have non believers

Seeing is believing the unseen a lie

The never ending queue to insanity

What can some do if they see them

Yelling and screeching won't help

Accepting the bare truth in silence

Psychic paths are an inborn talent


On the edge of insanity

Some control it and some loose control

A zillion thoughts rushing from left to right

The urge to relieve the witty pain

Madness and craziness unlimited

Images rushing back and forth

Doing it over and over again for the whimsical pleasures derived

Afraid to say it loud in the crowd

Knowing and enjoying the hyper fun inside

Ready to tell a lie to the normal spy's

Speculating and researching the world with a canny style

Excitement and hidden feelings kept invisible to thy

Living a masked life with the dual minds