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Vat savitri~A fast for the husbands long and healthy life


Vat Savitri or vat pournima is a fast kept by Indian ladies for their husbands long and healthy life.It is mostly followed in gujrat,Maharashtra and Karnataka,India.Pournima means the “Full Moon”day (the 15) of the month of jyeshta on the Hindu calendar,which falls in June in the Gregorian calendar.This is a legendary story of satyavan and Savitri. It shows how a women’s strengths and wits can keep her husband from dying.It had been foretold that satyavan will not live long.Resting on his wife’s lap satyavan was waiting for his death under a banyan tree.The messenger of Yama,the GOD of death came for satyavan but Savitri refused to depart from her beloved husband.Every messenger tried but in vain,to take life out of satyavan.Finally Yama himself appeared and insisted on taking satyavan,but since Savitri was very adamant Yama offered her a boon and she asked for the well being of her in laws which was granted.While Yama was taking satyavan along with him Savitri followed them,looking at this Yama granted her another boon and Savitri asked for the well being of her parents.This boon too was granted.Savitris stubbornness and relentless nature did not stop her from following Yama.As they approached yamas abode he granted her a third boon.Savitri then smartly asked for a son and outwitted yama.He was forced to return her husbands soul back to his body.

The fast here is followed by offering prayers to the banyan tree.Ladies dress in bridal wear and tie a thread to the banyan tree by going around it seven times.In their hearts they pray to have the same husband in every life and also pray for his health and long life.Kumkum or red tilak is put on the tree and fruits are exchanged among ladies.It feels very nice to keep this fast as it also resembles strong love and compatibility between a married couple.



Hello and greeting from INDIA.Today is a very beautiful day here as it is “GUDI PADWA”together with “NAVRATRI” and tomorrow is “CHETI CHAND”.All very religious days and gives only happiness and peace of mind.As it’s a new year for me and all maharastrians,we start our day by getting up early,having bath,decorating the main door with flowers and some lighted candles and then praying to all the GODS that are there in one particular corner of the house,or some have a whole room dedicated to their temple at home! It is said that to be an auspicious to buy anything new on this day and visit relatives or let guest visit homes as it’s a day for caring and sharing.Love is all around the place anywhere and everywhere.Mumbai is crowded today with lots of people,traffic, and all married woman looking their best in sarees.All shops filled with people buying whatever they feel comfortable with.All children look happy as it’s a holiday for them.All banks feel relieved as the financial year ends with a new year.Same goes with the working class.I feel blessed as after my sabatical hybernation post,I started with my new categogary which I planned to write on “HOLI”.

NAVRATRI means celebrating the nine nights of the GODESS DURGA who has nine divine faces.Vaishnudevi mata resides high up in the mountains in Jammu and Kashmir deeper inside a place called katra.It is a festival of rituals,fasts and dance.Anybody from any religion can enjoy this festival as it is known as the vasant or chaitra NAVRATRI mostly followed by the people living in Northern India.Garba (Dance) is a Gujarati folk dance played with two sticks.It is also performed on stages and in society’s all over INDIA.If watched with intensity and rythym it’s an intoxicating trance.The nine divine forms of the GODESS DURGA are as follows:

1) Maa Shailputri

2) Maa Brahmacharini

3) Maa Chandraghanta

4) Maa Kushmanda

5) Maa Katyayani

6) Maa Kalratri

7) Maa Siddhidatri

8) Maa Skandmata

9) Maa Mahagauri




CHETI CHAND is the Indian and Pakistan festival and happy new year of the Sindhis. According to the Hindu calendar it comes one day after GUDI PADWA.Lord JULELAL the GOD of water was born on this day who is the patron saint of the Sindhis.It is said and believed that if anybody has any water issues and if one prays to JULELAL and asks for help,the problems related to water get solved.I personally have tried and tested it and I believe water is the HEALER.