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The ominous Day~Friday the 13


Friday the 13 the most scariest date on the calendar.A date which is feared by almost every human on earth.So what is so ominous about this date is the question? In fact there is no known origin of the phrase Friday the 13 or of the superstitions related to it.The no 13 by itself is a number fully loaded of cultural,religious and mythic history.According to NORDIC mythology “The LAST SUPPER” where 12 GODS had gathered for dinner, and suddenly a 13 guest joined them.That was LOKI,a mischievous ,trickster GOD who shot Balder the Beautiful,the GOD of joy and happiness.Balder’s death turned the world into darkness and mourning.Friday the 13 is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition so much that in some hotels and buildings there is no 13th floor.Directly after the 12th floor there is a 14th floor.An estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States fear this day making it the most scariest date in history.The fear is so much that there are some people who avoid going to work and some who fear getting up from their beds on this day!

The fear of Friday the 13 has been called Friggatriskaidekaphobia which means ( Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “FRIDAY” is named in English and triskaidekaphobia meaning the fear of the no 13). In Spanish-speaking countries,instead of Friday,Tuesday the 13 is considered an unlucky day.Tuesday is said to be dominated by the influence of Ares,the GOD of war.Legendary rapper Tupac was killed on Friday the 13 in Las Vegas .Among the famous personalities that feared Friday the 13 were Presidents Franklin D.Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover.

Here in india where I live,have heard that if a child is born on Friday the 13,it is unlucky and many people avoid cutting their hair or shaving too.I have seen so many horror movies linked with this date.Have always wondered is this date really a big omen or a jinxed date? Would love to hear about my readers thoughts on this special date.Have any of you gone through any such experiences on any of the “Friday the 13”?


Positively taming bipolar


This is my own experience of positively taming bipolar!! At the age of seven my mom was told by my paediatric I need to see a counsellor,but due to myths, silent social stigma and not too much of acceptance of the newly found mental Illnesses,my family was skeptical in doing so.We lived in India, City Mumbai and it was in the 80’s.I was a very different and difficult child to deal with,a tom boy who was not interested in studies,but a voracious reader of mills and boons,James Hardly chase,Archie comics,asterix,chacha chowdhary,supandi,tintin,Richie rich.Later my liking to reading made me read Sidney Sheldon books,Jeffrey archer,Mario Puzo and many more.Music was one on my likes too.From childhood my parents and siblings taught me to be strong and a fighter as I was the youngest and very sensitive.10 years younger than my sister and 7 years younger to my brother.Our home conditions itself taught us to be survivors.Thanks to my amazing papa who had a reading habit and we three kids got attracted to books.Thanks to my mummy who always believed in doing good.

I got in love with the man of my dreams.Tall dark and handsome character which existed in my imagination.Words fall short to explain my husband as he is the best.We borne a girl child and a boy.Today we are proud parents and my family is complete.Yes more than I got tortured I was the tormentor though unknowingly.I always for some time after my medications stopped, asked my GOD why me?I saw my pain and my 37 years slipping away,saw my admissions to rehabs,my bloated self,my scars,my pain(all of it as ladies face even pms).Had blocked my mind to feel sorry for my husbands and kids sufferings as they lived with me.My whole family’s sacrifices and pain.My doctor who I second to GOD always.Thanks to my fathers science who’s no more,my brother and sisters numerology,my mom and sister in laws constant positivity and guidance,the amazing support of my husband and inlaws,my kids who love me today,loads of good relatives,old classmates,best friends and last but not the least my 2 beauties,my four legged babies Feedo and fluffy.

Having dealt with 37 years of unwanted negativity which if controlled on time could have been prevented,today this year started of with my blog on 6th jan and very soon lot on my mind.I search for solace in my mind as I know sky ain’t the limit the mind is.Have faith and I’m sure of my love and support.Learnt to tame my own bipolar knowing and challenging my dirty mind to come out.Its tamed so well by my good self,my reading knowledge,my family’s love and support and my survivor instincts that I have the urge to reach many alike me.I am blessed forever and my wish is that you stay blessed!!

It Seeks You

Thank you for sharing this awesome words!!

Waking The Infinite

Embodying all that you are is not about sucking it up.

Sucking it up has been the source of so many problems, delaying that moment as what you seek is now known to be……seeking you.

If you must, curse the past, but do so in the knowledge that it was your past that you now run from, fleeing like horses from a burning barn.  You do not free yourself from that vast tarpit by continuing to remain there, wrestling your demons.

Yes, you give it all up and consider there is a better way.  As you seek this, you begin to see how it is seeking you….to be the best and happiest that you can be.  If not, then something is amiss.  Just ask yourself why and what.  This part seeking you knows.

Giving it up, you give up your feelings of limit, desire for more hurt, retaliation that keeps…

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