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Happy anniversary husband

At 18 I knew you were the one
At 39 I feel proud of you
In thick and thin you stood by me
There were chances you could flee away
But commitment and love made you stay
The odd couple were we
Our kids made our bonding strong
Our pain made us grow
A poetry is just a way to words
Open my heart and you will know
Your just not my need but my strength
Without you I can’t see myself
We were made for each other
Nineteen years is just the beginning
With you I want to grow old
Love you for your nature
Hope to take my last breth before you



The chosen one


It is god gifted or is there a choice
The upbringing leaves us no choice
The growth is yet to happen
One face with a dual mask

Good and bad are the same
Blame it on faith
I am the curse I am the fortune
Absorb me try your luck

Love me or hate me
Try not ignoring me
Will be your luck and fame
Destiny will speak of me

Alone I came bad will I take
All I wish is united we stand
For me my thirst is not vast
A good name is all I ask

Love me forever


It was love at first sight
Our thoughts were different
Our expressions changed
Our bonding became stronger
We made it happen

Over the years hardships followed
But hand in hand we stood strong
The desire to love grew deeper
The unspoken words exchanged looks

The touch still gets ecstasy
The long wait is worth it’s time
Time has flown by with our passing age
With you it still feels like the 80’s

Let our love be a story to tell
An example of true love and compatibility
My wish is to have by last breath in your arms
Life is beautiful with the feelings of being loved by you



Quietly and unknowingly the devil strikes
Silently and rapidly like an artist
It targets the innocent ones
Can’t help it from feeding

Long years of existence
Invisible to the ones who blame
Better than the mirror image
Divide and rule are it’s policy’s

Destroy the good be the evil
Destruction is on the menu
Like an erupted volcano
Engulfing sadness wherever it goes

It’s just the minds thy say
Anything to set it free
Being a slave today
Freedom is just on its way



The flawless lethargic sound sleep
The peckish feeling all the times
The two minds on a devils ride
Dragging the body to keep its pride

Inconsistency and intolerance inside
Trying its best to coincide
Give up says one
Try harder says the other

The battle of the minds
Weakens the soul and drenches the shadow
Getting there before it’s all forgotten
A race just to be known a name to reckon

Keeping the faith going and hopes on
Bad times are a tester for good times
Life is a gift of GOD treasure it
Believe your imagination and pursue it



When in company with your loved one

To the farthest destination of tranquility

The natures beauty is admired effortlessly

The chirping birds speak the language of love

The running waters have a message to say

The weather too compromises in the name of love

The snow peaked mountains feel not so high

The animals see us eye to eye

The moving winds have a teasing touch

Natures miracle are the inseparable pairs

Vampire on the prowl


Well hidden and behaved was it within

Until the new moon was out

Hungry for war and blood

Finally it was ready to strike

Anger outburst and uncontrolled fits

That’s what it has to offer to its kinship

Looks human with a devilish face

The minds are slaves to its negativity

The body is heavy and out of motion

Take a close look at this vampire

It is your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder