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Writing was my power……..still inside me,just need that push.Dont ever know when will I achieve my hand on it but I do crave for it:(envy n love all the consistent writers.God bless u all with consistency unlike me.cherish all your post 🙂 keep writing!

Vampire on the prowl


Well hidden and behaved was it within

Until the new moon was out

Hungry for war and blood

Finally it was ready to strike

Anger outburst and uncontrolled fits

That’s what it has to offer to its kinship

Looks human with a devilish face

The minds are slaves to its negativity

The body is heavy and out of motion

Take a close look at this vampire

It is your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder


On a mute mode at home till I feel contented…. Feel free as holidays have hit me after ages.No… I don't go to school or college but my mom duties are just over,they having a good time!Practicing what I preech to both my kids,be far from the internet,avoid junk,watch good movies,listen to good music, and read good books,get your creativity out. Torn apart myself but my prefrences are clear,downloaded a dozen movies on my wish list and more than a dozen books on goodreads.Wife,daughter,sister,daughter-in- law duties still pending.Happy days are back again:)


Scientific intuitions


Minds play games…challenge accepted
Logical and laterally supported
Senses feel….sixth sense stronger
Believe in life after death
Doctors are like God

Positivity fearlessness fresh air
Were always the gift of God
Myths are myths….traditionally or legendary
Love threads marriage relations remain
Rituals demigods religions are the following

Apples pure water fresh juices
Options are many…choose wisely
Nature has plenty….use them or blend them
Strengths boosters are LPG
Inventors research….patterns change