The ominous Day~Friday the 13


Friday the 13 the most scariest date on the calendar.A date which is feared by almost every human on earth.So what is so ominous about this date is the question? In fact there is no known origin of the phrase Friday the 13 or of the superstitions related to it.The no 13 by itself is a number fully loaded of cultural,religious and mythic history.According to NORDIC mythology “The LAST SUPPER” where 12 GODS had gathered for dinner, and suddenly a 13 guest joined them.That was LOKI,a mischievous ,trickster GOD who shot Balder the Beautiful,the GOD of joy and happiness.Balder’s death turned the world into darkness and mourning.Friday the 13 is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition so much that in some hotels and buildings there is no 13th floor.Directly after the 12th floor there is a 14th floor.An estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States fear this day making it the most scariest date in history.The fear is so much that there are some people who avoid going to work and some who fear getting up from their beds on this day!

The fear of Friday the 13 has been called Friggatriskaidekaphobia which means ( Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “FRIDAY” is named in English and triskaidekaphobia meaning the fear of the no 13). In Spanish-speaking countries,instead of Friday,Tuesday the 13 is considered an unlucky day.Tuesday is said to be dominated by the influence of Ares,the GOD of war.Legendary rapper Tupac was killed on Friday the 13 in Las Vegas .Among the famous personalities that feared Friday the 13 were Presidents Franklin D.Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover.

Here in india where I live,have heard that if a child is born on Friday the 13,it is unlucky and many people avoid cutting their hair or shaving too.I have seen so many horror movies linked with this date.Have always wondered is this date really a big omen or a jinxed date? Would love to hear about my readers thoughts on this special date.Have any of you gone through any such experiences on any of the “Friday the 13”?

Vat savitri~A fast for the husbands long and healthy life


Vat Savitri or vat pournima is a fast kept by Indian ladies for their husbands long and healthy life.It is mostly followed in gujrat,Maharashtra and Karnataka,India.Pournima means the “Full Moon”day (the 15) of the month of jyeshta on the Hindu calendar,which falls in June in the Gregorian calendar.This is a legendary story of satyavan and Savitri. It shows how a women’s strengths and wits can keep her husband from dying.It had been foretold that satyavan will not live long.Resting on his wife’s lap satyavan was waiting for his death under a banyan tree.The messenger of Yama,the GOD of death came for satyavan but Savitri refused to depart from her beloved husband.Every messenger tried but in vain,to take life out of satyavan.Finally Yama himself appeared and insisted on taking satyavan,but since Savitri was very adamant Yama offered her a boon and she asked for the well being of her in laws which was granted.While Yama was taking satyavan along with him Savitri followed them,looking at this Yama granted her another boon and Savitri asked for the well being of her parents.This boon too was granted.Savitris stubbornness and relentless nature did not stop her from following Yama.As they approached yamas abode he granted her a third boon.Savitri then smartly asked for a son and outwitted yama.He was forced to return her husbands soul back to his body.

The fast here is followed by offering prayers to the banyan tree.Ladies dress in bridal wear and tie a thread to the banyan tree by going around it seven times.In their hearts they pray to have the same husband in every life and also pray for his health and long life.Kumkum or red tilak is put on the tree and fruits are exchanged among ladies.It feels very nice to keep this fast as it also resembles strong love and compatibility between a married couple.

Mind games


I have always wondered wether peoples minds play games with them even if they don’t have any mental illness.Have spoken to a lot of friends and family’s and have come to the conclusion that “YES” their minds too play games in twisting and turning thoughts but not to the level of a person suffering from bipolar personality disorder or any other mental sickness.There comes a stage when there is no longing to do any work,the body feels double the weight,hunger increases,body swells and last but not the least the moods are fluctuating highly.Being a bipolar myself,I can tell you it’s a very difficult and uncontrolled situation,where in one is forced to be a slave of the negative mind and irrational behaviour is out at its best.It is very saddening to be in such a state and for ones closed ones to watch someone behave in that illogical states.For more than 15 years I suffered,not knowing how to tackle situations.It was for the love and support of my family that I am still surviving.

It is my humble request to all my readers who suffer from bipolar disorder or have some one in their circles who suffer from it to be very cordial and patient with such people.It is a mental disorder and it is not done on purpose.Talking,counselling,giving love,motivating and getting the person out of their difficult moods is the key to helping someone with such minds.Medication too is important if the art of self controlling the mind is not possible.



When in company with your loved one

To the farthest destination of tranquility

The natures beauty is admired effortlessly

The chirping birds speak the language of love

The running waters have a message to say

The weather too compromises in the name of love

The snow peaked mountains feel not so high

The animals see us eye to eye

The moving winds have a teasing touch

Natures miracle are the inseparable pairs

Vampire on the prowl


Well hidden and behaved was it within

Until the new moon was out

Hungry for war and blood

Finally it was ready to strike

Anger outburst and uncontrolled fits

That’s what it has to offer to its kinship

Looks human with a devilish face

The minds are slaves to its negativity

The body is heavy and out of motion

Take a close look at this vampire

It is your loved one suffering from bipolar disorder

Virtual robots

Habituated and depended are we on the support out there

Technology slaves has become the human race

Statuses more in demand than the size and shapes

Imaginary friends with pretty masked faces

Feelings and expressions based on smileys

Willingness to accept the unknown side

Spoken words are fewer and rare

Texting tagging and sharing are in the air

Adam and Eve are just a tale left behind

Gizmo freaks are getting downloaded

Pray the bees are everlastingly busy making their hives


The gut feeling

Always forever in two minds are we

Eager for the answers we already know

Over thinking and over reacting to the no

Prolonging and yearning for the set direction

Confused and hyper are the feelings

Why ask when the gut has already answered

Human nature is so filled with worries

Why can't we relax and answer in a trice

Have faith in him and trust your instincts

Your shadow is the only one