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Cashless survival

Assumptions dreams feelings unlimited

Senses feel beautiful….dollars rupee pounds

Fluctuations either ways…. Decisions Uninterrupted

Weighing the scales….pink calculator

Gods in demands…. Humans on test

Winning and loosing….. A game played well

Run run run….. You're almost there

Age diversifies self….. Loans at the back of the minds

New born young old…..life is a stage

Loosers gain….. Winners in fame

Up where we belong…. We become all the same



My fairys


Wine and dine it’s party time
Bad days are gone good days are here
Believe me please they are not my moods
You lost your age while I was in rage
Today I’m not a sage but indebted to you
You lived to give me strengths
I’ll live in proving you right
Nothing compares your pain
Cause you had a choice
Love me or hate me
I’ll forever be nice
My mirror reminds me
My face is mine because of your time
Make me your slave but have faith in me
This time I won’t let you down