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Scientific intuitions


Minds play games…challenge accepted
Logical and laterally supported
Senses feel….sixth sense stronger
Believe in life after death
Doctors are like God

Positivity fearlessness fresh air
Were always the gift of God
Myths are myths….traditionally or legendary
Love threads marriage relations remain
Rituals demigods religions are the following

Apples pure water fresh juices
Options are many…choose wisely
Nature has plenty….use them or blend them
Strengths boosters are LPG
Inventors research….patterns change




Some for pleasure
Others for earning bread
Some in denims others in suits
Some discussing experiences
Others gossiping neighbours

Some sipping coffee
Others window shopping
Some tackling kids queries
Others wondering when they grew
Some alone others on a phone

Some In fear others looking for a gear
Some staring others deep in thoughts
Some with books others with apples
Some leaving sweat others reaching heights
Some in arrivals others in departures

Some regulars others first time
Some bold and beautiful
Others not so fortunate
Some in a fight with others
Others fighting their own mind

The clouds weigh no caste or creed
Jitters with the rags and rich
We hope the pilot has earned his degree
Somehow pass our time with prayers at the back of our mind
There we land and start to explore the already planned