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Hardships= Postivity

We bipolar people have so many emotions to express…. We have the capability of getting panicked and creating havoc in and around everybody who associates with us.Well I'm not writing something you all don't know,but this if self realised in a few minutes can be taken care of, that too depending on the support of our immediate family.If we pull the strings too much or for that matter pull a rubber band too much it turns to loose its elascity.Its an illness of the mind.Its uncontrollable when our bilogical factors are not taken care of.Our medicines sholud not be tampered with by our selfs, or thrown away by some.Bipolar personality disorder should be treated like bold pressure or diabities.Medicines are a part and parcel of every illness,be it mental or physcical.Please don't shy away from your own illness.Speak it out,it only helps.

See the positive side of bipolar.When our moods are good, and everything goes according to our heart and minds,strangers we meet,are amazed by our humour and wit.We have so many feelings and because of that we are extra caring and go out of our ways to help.Know your selfs, it is important that a bipolar realises his or her follies and tames their minds with positive thoughts.Find your own happiness.For me it's watching movies, listening to music, cooking,driving.When one realizes one is on the edge,don't trouble your own loved ones,but realize they are our support systems.

Be kind to one and all because out of the blue the people come in abundance and bless us from all corners of the world.Stay blessed forever:)