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Tears are our voice of plea
Screeching for some mercy
Begging urging to see
The oceanic tides in we

Right was I sobbing was me
Crocodile were not we
Violent is our thirst
Archaic are our thoughts

Blood is our food
I fall in our traps
In hibernation we go
Once again hope I see

Apologise for your efforts
Promises are to be broken
Blame is my fame
Amphibian are we





It was all balanced it was all fine
Was wondering is it really happening
It was all merry and we all were happy
I was really high so was she
Then came the unexpected hit
I wanted to manage but she wanted to react
I tried but in vane and she started the pain
She digs inside me and I become her slave
I then am made to do as she desires
She succeeds in her mission
I’m confused in her fusion
My blood silences her hunger
I pity myself yet I’m blamed