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Love me forever


It was love at first sight
Our thoughts were different
Our expressions changed
Our bonding became stronger
We made it happen

Over the years hardships followed
But hand in hand we stood strong
The desire to love grew deeper
The unspoken words exchanged looks

The touch still gets ecstasy
The long wait is worth it’s time
Time has flown by with our passing age
With you it still feels like the 80’s

Let our love be a story to tell
An example of true love and compatibility
My wish is to have by last breath in your arms
Life is beautiful with the feelings of being loved by you



The inevitable dreams come to reality

A tall dark and handsome will sweep you away

Love is bestowed on some fortunate ones

Tying the knots in oneness

Promises of sharing and togetherness

Faith trust body and soul surrendered

Dedication worship compatibility tingles in the air

Like falling in love each and every day deeper

In the arms of the perfect soulmate

Mistakes worries arguments and battles fall weak

With the shinng polish of love

Mend it stretch it yearn for it

Marriage is a blessing rejoice in it




I was born alone shall depart alone
I grew with self existing company
Two’s company three’s crowd
Believed it as I had to perform

Me yearned for the third
In hope to guide us
Made my I insecure
In search of true belonging

Was love at first sight
He north me south
Love magnetised the opinions
Compatibility and trust we three got

My ship was in the deep ocean
Indicating storms at all times
Two sailors were my choice
Chose the one not my kind



Their world demands my world accepts
Their world punishes my world heals
Their world forgets all my good
My world emphasises with my rage
Their world hides me inside me
My world feels proud about the two of me

Their world dominates us
My world is aware of our compatibility
Their world has the power to jail us
We want to break free
Their world fears the unknown
I’m unknown to me

Their world wants us to be like them
We just want to be fun
Their world is full of intellectuals
Given a chance to prove we don’t remain speechless
In the pull of words which world do I belong