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Quietly and unknowingly the devil strikes
Silently and rapidly like an artist
It targets the innocent ones
Can’t help it from feeding

Long years of existence
Invisible to the ones who blame
Better than the mirror image
Divide and rule are it’s policy’s

Destroy the good be the evil
Destruction is on the menu
Like an erupted volcano
Engulfing sadness wherever it goes

It’s just the minds thy say
Anything to set it free
Being a slave today
Freedom is just on its way



Happiness and sadness at the same time

Fear and doubts spinning in the mind

Recalling the fusion of past fears

Anger sparks and spoken words

All pent up feeling and emotions out

Satisfaction to one misery to another

Unexplained drama unfolded

Quitting and moving on NO not a chance

Serenity and peace walking far away

Feeding the devils pride one at a time

Conquering the loved ones by fury

Behold the tremors of insanity