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Lost and waisted a lot of time understanding myself and today when I understand myself completely my fears of age and my physical attributes not being my major support provoke my impulsiveness out to the world!!!

The urge to Help me help is taking over me faster than light can travel.The silent stigma of bipolar needs awareness in the world.Please like my page on Facebook and be a part of my humble cause in spreading awareness and positivity to the so called disorder!!! Would from my heart appreciate your time and effort.Thanks and regards.


Nostalgic Venice


Venice a seaport in NE Italy build on numerous islands.A place if asked about I would strongly recommend to go exclusively with your lover or husband,but off course kids too just for the first time.I was fortunate that my eyes experienced the beauty in the lagoons of Venice,yet still crave to someday elope away just alone with my husband.118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges.Being there for four full days dint seem like doing justice to the place.A small populated island actually made me miss my land, but at the same time I felt I was breathing in more deeply.The first look of Venice my eyes captured were so mesmerising that carrying my own luggage and walking through the lanes dint feel tiring.The small coffee shops,bars and pubs were all so inviting that I wanted to run to my hotel room dump my luggage and sip some liquids and enjoy and relish every moment.Wanted to be more out rather than wasting time under the roof there.

Our holiday planner had planned all our days and had also made sure with our pre booked boat ride coupons to travel within the islands.All types of people from different walks of life in one boat,but the only common thing we all had there were smiles on our faces and the look of love.I believe Venice has that power.There are many attractions there like epiphany cathedral,Venice theatre and the triangle inn but I and my family got madly attracted to the gondola.A boat ride were one man rows the boat while singing and the rest are listening and experiencing heaven on earth.Sitting there just got me admiring GODs another creation with mans efforts.The scenic beauty felt like a dominating aura screeching and compelling me to never leave.After seven years of being there Im still under the spell.