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An exotic holiday I had in October 2013 with my family.Was in bangalore at that time and took a flight from there to male airport.The excitement had begun as my family had already reached there.I was travelling alone and had to reach the resort named “Antara Dhigu”.Tourism is the largest economic industry in Maldives and plays an important role in earning foreign currency and generating employment in the tertiary sector of the country.The Archipelago of Maldives is the main source of attraction to many people visiting it worldwide.It is also said to be the best recreational diving destinations of the world.Apt honeymoon destination too.My flight was with many newly weds.The island country is in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty six atolls stretching in a north- south direction of Lakshadweep Islands and between minicoy Islands and chaos archipelago.It stands in the laccadive sea about 700 kilo meters (435 mi) southwest of Srilanka.The language spoken in Maldives is Divehi.The food consists of coconut,fish and starchy items.Since it's an island mostly the mode of transport is speed boats mainly which are provided by resorts on an hourly basis.Inside the resorts we were provided bicycles to go to and fro for eating,shopping or using the resorts spa facility and also for water sports.


The clear water makes one very excited about water sports like swimming,snorkelling,diving,water skiing,wind surfing,and kite boarding.For me I was lucky as my niece and brother-in -law are padi certified dive masters and under their guidance I went underwater with the oxygen mask and fins and for the first time was really amazed at how beautiful the world there looks. All types of fish, big and small and colourful with their even colourful mushroom look alike houses( reifs) Indeed spine-tingling.The moment was just too perfect underwater with the climate favouring us too. None of us wanted to come out at all. We had an underwater camera and took a lot of pictures as we dived a little more deeper hand in hand.Being underwater makes one feel very hungry and thirsty so at intervals we would come out for snacks and refreshments out in the room which was on the island itself.Must say food and drinks are very expensive all over Maldives.We were there for 4 nights so once we travelled to the capital of Maldives that is Male.It's an amazing city with proper buildings,shops,cars and petrol pumps.It took us 30 minutes in a speed boat to reach there.Durng the nighs we use to dine at the resort itself which consisted of a mixed menu of continental,Italian,Maldivian and Indian food.Mouth watering when I remember the chutneys I had there especially the red ones and the jumbo size prawns.A treat to the taste buds.A holiday I can't wait to go just once more or maybe twice.




Tears are our voice of plea
Screeching for some mercy
Begging urging to see
The oceanic tides in we

Right was I sobbing was me
Crocodile were not we
Violent is our thirst
Archaic are our thoughts

Blood is our food
I fall in our traps
In hibernation we go
Once again hope I see

Apologise for your efforts
Promises are to be broken
Blame is my fame
Amphibian are we