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Happiness and sadness at the same time

Fear and doubts spinning in the mind

Recalling the fusion of past fears

Anger sparks and spoken words

All pent up feeling and emotions out

Satisfaction to one misery to another

Unexplained drama unfolded

Quitting and moving on NO not a chance

Serenity and peace walking far away

Feeding the devils pride one at a time

Conquering the loved ones by fury

Behold the tremors of insanity





It was all balanced it was all fine
Was wondering is it really happening
It was all merry and we all were happy
I was really high so was she
Then came the unexpected hit
I wanted to manage but she wanted to react
I tried but in vane and she started the pain
She digs inside me and I become her slave
I then am made to do as she desires
She succeeds in her mission
I’m confused in her fusion
My blood silences her hunger
I pity myself yet I’m blamed