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Minds body and soul

Today in harmony with yesterday

Sub conscience at its best

Today's era…..mythologically felt

Old is forever gold

New is on a trial mode

Moulded with love one mind and support

The rest is still the same….. Taken care of

Instincts sixth sense Intutions all together

Fear of darkness lit by a flame from the soul

Solitude personified….. Peace acquired

Faith offered in abundance…. Live and let live

Timeless countdown…. In love with nature

Go green is the slogan….let's save Mother Earth



Old love


Airports get me exhausted
When I go on a holiday without you
The same airports gets me excited
When I come to receive you
Time flies slow while being away from you
The same time flies fast when I spend it with you
You were my first love
My last breath would be in your arms
Old is gold our love is the mould