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Know me


Asking for it this early
Is my hearts expectation
Knowing our love is ancient
We moved mountains hand in hand

Knowing too my tag of broken promises
I am still the old impulsive
Trying hard to keep up to your pace
Lost a lot of years dreaming my space

Our blood groups contrasting
We loved and created our kin
The ovary was mine
Thank you our infants shaped up fine

Rain has hit the desserts
Autumn comes with it’s own wish
This time the seeds I sow
Will make it harvest with my efforts



Swear it’s not me but she
I am your kind trust me
Like you I too was sowed
You were the harvest me the waste

Kept up long looking up to you
Tried my being aping you
Lost hope reaching to you
Fought my faith staying with you

Saw you in distress and in pain
Felt guilty it was my age
Admire your gain I was fed
Never will forget your pain

Our roots were penetrated well
You the brain I the heart
Your thoughts encouraged me
Always looked forward to you

Weather showered harvest time again
Our land was one owner changed
Felt secured in my roots
It was time I sowed

Trusted the farmer out of your will
Lived happily though caused pain
Give me back my farm I ran far from
I feel safe even if I am still a waste