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Know me


Asking for it this early
Is my hearts expectation
Knowing our love is ancient
We moved mountains hand in hand

Knowing too my tag of broken promises
I am still the old impulsive
Trying hard to keep up to your pace
Lost a lot of years dreaming my space

Our blood groups contrasting
We loved and created our kin
The ovary was mine
Thank you our infants shaped up fine

Rain has hit the desserts
Autumn comes with it’s own wish
This time the seeds I sow
Will make it harvest with my efforts



Follow me I’m superior and fine
Will lead you to reach your heights
Tempt me not my kingdom won’t rise
Heartless is your king
His shelter is just a thing
Tempt me not my heart lies in his wings
Don’t be a fool to your hearts rule
Your mind has two come be my slave
Tempt me not my heart is a saint
Your mind brings me here
Your heart is not my fear
Tempt me not I’m getting into gear
Wing your mind and feel it fly
Ill be here until you try.