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The chosen one


It is god gifted or is there a choice
The upbringing leaves us no choice
The growth is yet to happen
One face with a dual mask

Good and bad are the same
Blame it on faith
I am the curse I am the fortune
Absorb me try your luck

Love me or hate me
Try not ignoring me
Will be your luck and fame
Destiny will speak of me

Alone I came bad will I take
All I wish is united we stand
For me my thirst is not vast
A good name is all I ask

The ship~ I trusted always


Friends are faiths mercy to us
To prove its innocence
Faith names it luck
I’m fortunate I’m blessed with it
Luck has it’s own conditions of hard work
My faith wasn’t in favour of me
I started believing luck
Luck appreciated me
Favoured me a ride in its ship
The ride is until death do us apart
We are travellers with our flaws
Let the titanic sink
My friends will be a part