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The inevitable dreams come to reality

A tall dark and handsome will sweep you away

Love is bestowed on some fortunate ones

Tying the knots in oneness

Promises of sharing and togetherness

Faith trust body and soul surrendered

Dedication worship compatibility tingles in the air

Like falling in love each and every day deeper

In the arms of the perfect soulmate

Mistakes worries arguments and battles fall weak

With the shinng polish of love

Mend it stretch it yearn for it

Marriage is a blessing rejoice in it



When there’s a will GOD guides the way


1993 it was love at first sight for me.Cast differences,immaturity on my behalf,just left convent school and felt like a free bird in a coed college.Met my now husband through a common friend and then all that followed was one perfect being deeply in love with a surprised bipolar personality( that’s me).We continued our true love for three long beautiful years convincing and trying to elope if given a deaf ear.Out love was pure and so in 1996 we got traditionally married and became man and woman.Was beautiful for the first year as we created our bundle of joy,our daughter in 1997.Yes those days people were not so career oriented and though both our family’s were not very well to do we all had one thing in common “love and unity”.Postpartum depression hit my already existing bipolar.Needless to explain the pain,sufferings and helplessness in the whole family.Things got a little settled inside me due to the 6 shock treatments that were prescribed by my physiatrist.I was 23 then,when the urge to make my family complete started bothering only me.My hubby and our whole family was against it as they were told another delivery would make me land into an asylum!!!

It was my deep desire and strong faith in GOD that I delivered a pre-matured baby boy in the seventh month.Weak and tiny was our son due to the heavy medications I had taken.He was born at 1:04 and for three minutes the doctors and me didn’t hear his crying.Thanks to science they injected him and got him into this world.It was my faith in GOD and I knew it.When he was 24 days old he had already been pricked 19 times due to his two repeated febrile seizures.Looking at his pain made me forget my own bipolar pain.His first word was out when he was 4.Speech therapy and again my faith in GOD made our son the most cleverest handsome hunk.My bipolar was a member too while both our kids were growing.

Today we are proud parents of a beautiful 16 year old daughter and a normal speaking 13 year old taller than his own parents son!!! When I look back into our family history,I have just a few regrets about some of our family members taking their voyage to heaven and a little regrets for our family’s helplessness.All this only strengthens my faith in him and I know deep beneath bad times are over!!!

Amavasya ~ New moon


Scientifically I’m clueless as to the knowledge of the new moon.Being bought up in India,as a child whenever I was curious and wanted some excitement I would catch hold of some elderly person and force them to tell me scary and beyond life stories.Yes I was never the barbie doll playing girl.My neighbours and playmates then called me a tom boy.I remember me getting frightened while going to bed after the story’s,but still I never stopped questioning and demanding for more.Here in India there is a lot we do while preparing for the new moon and the day it arrives.Havan, poojas,keeping a fast,wearing the proper coloured clothes,and most importantly asking for peace and serenity on that day.We don’t carry out any important work on that day.Marriages and celebrations are kept for the auspicious days.

While all the above was embedded well in my brain cells,I till today am clueless wether the full moon has got to do something with mental illness.Wether it’s just a psychology I invited or the heavy feeling my body gets when it’s the full moon is something I just stopped trying to figure out.Being a bipolar for so long I trust my instincts and experience on it,though I know there are myths and science involved in getting some answers.As if bipolar mood swings ain’t enough the moon gets into a shading mood.



Life will go death will come
You are living taking it for granted
But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow
You came as one you will go as one
Don’t acquire pain in love sorrows and desires
But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow
Your teenager days were a trauma
Your marriage days were an illness
But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow
Your family is one but you are two
Your outside world is not so true
But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow
Your hair is grey in saving your fortune
Your heirs won’t experience misfortune
But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow