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A ship you can always trust

Bipolar personality disorder is an illness of the minds.Its fighting with oneself constantly,every minute there's a change of mind and every minute there are mood swings.Its a difficult mental illness,which needs a lot of love,support and medicines.The people on the other side really even if they try hard, fail at times to keep up with bipolar people.The patterns of thoughts,emotions,feelings and moods are so much in contrast that at times the ones suffering the illness too get tired with one selfs.It at times gets uncontrollable and messy.Some who are blessed and have the support live on and some who don't get proper guidance and love and support of their families and friends end up in rehabs and then for some it's suicide.

My plea to my readers is understand bipolar people, they are very highly sensitive people.Dont fear to talk to them,instead talk openly and freely to them, for them to feel good and important.Their thought processing is very high which makes them highly intellectual people.Their ideas are very innovative.Wait for the right moment,if one of them is in a bad mood.Like happiness comes after knowing unhappiness.Their moods alter and once again they are all hail and hearty to do anything for anyone.They forget things said in bad moods very quickly as it's their evil mind saying all those things they didn't mean.They go on a guilt trip any which ways,as they know the harm is already done.Dont make them feel more guilty, instead support them and you'll be in for a surprise.All they need is being appreciated for their good mood swings and not being judged for their bad mood swings.Its difficult but with patience and a strong normal mind can be dealt and handled with care.Any type of drug or alchol abuse should be kept at hands distance from them.Bpd people should also self realise that any over use of drugs or alchol only stimulates the brains more and it's is not recommended.

Bipolar friendship is the most trusted ship one can be in. A bipolar person due to their over sensitivity makes a lot of friends,but due to the same reason looses them too.According to me,people who maintain friendships with bipolar people are the strongest friends and know help can be required at 2 pm too.Bipolars can be trusted and have faith upon.They are sufferers of their minds and look out for only safe and handy friendship.Listen to them in their bad times and they will give you their best in their good times.Stay blessed.



Amavasya ~ New moon


Scientifically I’m clueless as to the knowledge of the new moon.Being bought up in India,as a child whenever I was curious and wanted some excitement I would catch hold of some elderly person and force them to tell me scary and beyond life stories.Yes I was never the barbie doll playing girl.My neighbours and playmates then called me a tom boy.I remember me getting frightened while going to bed after the story’s,but still I never stopped questioning and demanding for more.Here in India there is a lot we do while preparing for the new moon and the day it arrives.Havan, poojas,keeping a fast,wearing the proper coloured clothes,and most importantly asking for peace and serenity on that day.We don’t carry out any important work on that day.Marriages and celebrations are kept for the auspicious days.

While all the above was embedded well in my brain cells,I till today am clueless wether the full moon has got to do something with mental illness.Wether it’s just a psychology I invited or the heavy feeling my body gets when it’s the full moon is something I just stopped trying to figure out.Being a bipolar for so long I trust my instincts and experience on it,though I know there are myths and science involved in getting some answers.As if bipolar mood swings ain’t enough the moon gets into a shading mood.