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The flawless lethargic sound sleep
The peckish feeling all the times
The two minds on a devils ride
Dragging the body to keep its pride

Inconsistency and intolerance inside
Trying its best to coincide
Give up says one
Try harder says the other

The battle of the minds
Weakens the soul and drenches the shadow
Getting there before it’s all forgotten
A race just to be known a name to reckon

Keeping the faith going and hopes on
Bad times are a tester for good times
Life is a gift of GOD treasure it
Believe your imagination and pursue it


The gut feeling

Always forever in two minds are we

Eager for the answers we already know

Over thinking and over reacting to the no

Prolonging and yearning for the set direction

Confused and hyper are the feelings

Why ask when the gut has already answered

Human nature is so filled with worries

Why can't we relax and answer in a trice

Have faith in him and trust your instincts

Your shadow is the only one