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Hardships= Postivity

We bipolar people have so many emotions to express…. We have the capability of getting panicked and creating havoc in and around everybody who associates with us.Well I'm not writing something you all don't know,but this if self realised in a few minutes can be taken care of, that too depending on the support of our immediate family.If we pull the strings too much or for that matter pull a rubber band too much it turns to loose its elascity.Its an illness of the mind.Its uncontrollable when our bilogical factors are not taken care of.Our medicines sholud not be tampered with by our selfs, or thrown away by some.Bipolar personality disorder should be treated like bold pressure or diabities.Medicines are a part and parcel of every illness,be it mental or physcical.Please don't shy away from your own illness.Speak it out,it only helps.

See the positive side of bipolar.When our moods are good, and everything goes according to our heart and minds,strangers we meet,are amazed by our humour and wit.We have so many feelings and because of that we are extra caring and go out of our ways to help.Know your selfs, it is important that a bipolar realises his or her follies and tames their minds with positive thoughts.Find your own happiness.For me it's watching movies, listening to music, cooking,driving.When one realizes one is on the edge,don't trouble your own loved ones,but realize they are our support systems.

Be kind to one and all because out of the blue the people come in abundance and bless us from all corners of the world.Stay blessed forever:)



Positively taming bipolar


This is my own experience of positively taming bipolar!! At the age of seven my mom was told by my paediatric I need to see a counsellor,but due to myths, silent social stigma and not too much of acceptance of the newly found mental Illnesses,my family was skeptical in doing so.We lived in India, City Mumbai and it was in the 80’s.I was a very different and difficult child to deal with,a tom boy who was not interested in studies,but a voracious reader of mills and boons,James Hardly chase,Archie comics,asterix,chacha chowdhary,supandi,tintin,Richie rich.Later my liking to reading made me read Sidney Sheldon books,Jeffrey archer,Mario Puzo and many more.Music was one on my likes too.From childhood my parents and siblings taught me to be strong and a fighter as I was the youngest and very sensitive.10 years younger than my sister and 7 years younger to my brother.Our home conditions itself taught us to be survivors.Thanks to my amazing papa who had a reading habit and we three kids got attracted to books.Thanks to my mummy who always believed in doing good.

I got in love with the man of my dreams.Tall dark and handsome character which existed in my imagination.Words fall short to explain my husband as he is the best.We borne a girl child and a boy.Today we are proud parents and my family is complete.Yes more than I got tortured I was the tormentor though unknowingly.I always for some time after my medications stopped, asked my GOD why me?I saw my pain and my 37 years slipping away,saw my admissions to rehabs,my bloated self,my scars,my pain(all of it as ladies face even pms).Had blocked my mind to feel sorry for my husbands and kids sufferings as they lived with me.My whole family’s sacrifices and pain.My doctor who I second to GOD always.Thanks to my fathers science who’s no more,my brother and sisters numerology,my mom and sister in laws constant positivity and guidance,the amazing support of my husband and inlaws,my kids who love me today,loads of good relatives,old classmates,best friends and last but not the least my 2 beauties,my four legged babies Feedo and fluffy.

Having dealt with 37 years of unwanted negativity which if controlled on time could have been prevented,today this year started of with my blog on 6th jan and very soon lot on my mind.I search for solace in my mind as I know sky ain’t the limit the mind is.Have faith and I’m sure of my love and support.Learnt to tame my own bipolar knowing and challenging my dirty mind to come out.Its tamed so well by my good self,my reading knowledge,my family’s love and support and my survivor instincts that I have the urge to reach many alike me.I am blessed forever and my wish is that you stay blessed!!