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An exotic holiday I had in October 2013 with my family.Was in bangalore at that time and took a flight from there to male airport.The excitement had begun as my family had already reached there.I was travelling alone and had to reach the resort named “Antara Dhigu”.Tourism is the largest economic industry in Maldives and plays an important role in earning foreign currency and generating employment in the tertiary sector of the country.The Archipelago of Maldives is the main source of attraction to many people visiting it worldwide.It is also said to be the best recreational diving destinations of the world.Apt honeymoon destination too.My flight was with many newly weds.The island country is in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty six atolls stretching in a north- south direction of Lakshadweep Islands and between minicoy Islands and chaos archipelago.It stands in the laccadive sea about 700 kilo meters (435 mi) southwest of Srilanka.The language spoken in Maldives is Divehi.The food consists of coconut,fish and starchy items.Since it's an island mostly the mode of transport is speed boats mainly which are provided by resorts on an hourly basis.Inside the resorts we were provided bicycles to go to and fro for eating,shopping or using the resorts spa facility and also for water sports.


The clear water makes one very excited about water sports like swimming,snorkelling,diving,water skiing,wind surfing,and kite boarding.For me I was lucky as my niece and brother-in -law are padi certified dive masters and under their guidance I went underwater with the oxygen mask and fins and for the first time was really amazed at how beautiful the world there looks. All types of fish, big and small and colourful with their even colourful mushroom look alike houses( reifs) Indeed spine-tingling.The moment was just too perfect underwater with the climate favouring us too. None of us wanted to come out at all. We had an underwater camera and took a lot of pictures as we dived a little more deeper hand in hand.Being underwater makes one feel very hungry and thirsty so at intervals we would come out for snacks and refreshments out in the room which was on the island itself.Must say food and drinks are very expensive all over Maldives.We were there for 4 nights so once we travelled to the capital of Maldives that is Male.It's an amazing city with proper buildings,shops,cars and petrol pumps.It took us 30 minutes in a speed boat to reach there.Durng the nighs we use to dine at the resort itself which consisted of a mixed menu of continental,Italian,Maldivian and Indian food.Mouth watering when I remember the chutneys I had there especially the red ones and the jumbo size prawns.A treat to the taste buds.A holiday I can't wait to go just once more or maybe twice.


Magical Amritsar

Golden temple~Day time view

The craving of seeing the golden temple (Gurudwara) as we call it in India had been there in me ever since I got married in 1996.Almost everyone in my family had some time visited Amritsar.Had heard about its beauty and bliss all the time but my eyes yet had to capture the sight.On our 18 anniversary knowing my inner long awaited wish my husband surprised me by announcing two days prior that we would be present on our anniversary at the golden temple.It made me happy beyond words could express.As I had heard so much about it over the years,on reaching there I felt speechless and enjoyed every moment as I was granted my wish and my husband was along with me.The temples atmosphere inside is so magical and serene it makes you forget any grief or pain that exists. The people inside are so helpful and smiling, I didn’t mind enhancing my knowledge about their religious practice from a stranger.One has to cover their head totally before entering the temple,removing their footwear and giving it to volunteers who opt for doing that service ( called SEVA in India) .There are taps installed so the people can wash their legs before entering the temple.The kitchen is so large and the vessels made me wonder about the amount of strength one requires to stir while cooking.Anyone who would like to volunteer for help is welcome with open arms by the kitchen as every lunch and dinner is served to people who like eating in the temple( it is called LANGAR in India) My personal view about the taste of the food cooked is beyond comparison to any five star hotel food.We both were excited to see the temple in the night time.

Golden temple~Night time view


The night view was enticing and illuming.Was difficult to come to a conclusion of comparison.Was once again speechless and just wanted to sit there for hours together and capture the beauty and admire the thoughts of man describing his love for GOD!

Wagah border


We were fortunate in gaining a VIP pass for entering the ceremony of the flags hoisting which is a daily routine on the border by a dear college friend.Was quiet a heart palpating moment for us to see the parade and the expressions the soldiers had while performing it.The huge crowd on our side was equal on the other side of the gate.The almost 45 minutes ceremony was indeed breath taking.There was no other feelings than that of patriotism I could feel in and around me.My personal opinion that I derived after the whole ceremony was over was “Peace is possible,Wars kill”.

Nostalgic Venice


Venice a seaport in NE Italy build on numerous islands.A place if asked about I would strongly recommend to go exclusively with your lover or husband,but off course kids too just for the first time.I was fortunate that my eyes experienced the beauty in the lagoons of Venice,yet still crave to someday elope away just alone with my husband.118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges.Being there for four full days dint seem like doing justice to the place.A small populated island actually made me miss my land, but at the same time I felt I was breathing in more deeply.The first look of Venice my eyes captured were so mesmerising that carrying my own luggage and walking through the lanes dint feel tiring.The small coffee shops,bars and pubs were all so inviting that I wanted to run to my hotel room dump my luggage and sip some liquids and enjoy and relish every moment.Wanted to be more out rather than wasting time under the roof there.

Our holiday planner had planned all our days and had also made sure with our pre booked boat ride coupons to travel within the islands.All types of people from different walks of life in one boat,but the only common thing we all had there were smiles on our faces and the look of love.I believe Venice has that power.There are many attractions there like epiphany cathedral,Venice theatre and the triangle inn but I and my family got madly attracted to the gondola.A boat ride were one man rows the boat while singing and the rest are listening and experiencing heaven on earth.Sitting there just got me admiring GODs another creation with mans efforts.The scenic beauty felt like a dominating aura screeching and compelling me to never leave.After seven years of being there Im still under the spell.

Memorable trip to Sri Lanka


The thing I love the most about travelling is I pay for only one ticket and my bipolar gets a free ride.My trip to Sri Lanka was in 2007 with my sister,my adorable son and a few friends.We covered Colombia,kandy and one more place but can’t remember it to well cause of memory blocks due to heavy medication at that time and me being an extensive traveller.My geography knowledge at that time being on the lower side made me ask an insane question to a fellow traveller in the flight.I asked him due to my travel excitement,the time difference In Sri Lanka and India!! Till today I have a hearty laugh remembering the look he gave me while saying there’s none. My patterns of sleep and my shopping were considered and given first priority among my group,as they were already taking the risk of travelling with me and didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable and stressed.They had the wise thinking of “precaution is better than cure”.Our first stop was at kandy a beautiful hill station.On the way we all realised the right holiday decision my sister had taken.Blue transparent waters,white sand,long green coconut trees.A cleaner version of Goa,ooty,and andaman and nicobar islands.A Coimbatore look alike. I remember that one instance when v all friends were having a good time in the pool,when one of the male instructors urge to get hanky panky with me got the best in him.I sensing that had already planned my move, and desperately in need to execute it, and put a stop to his nonsense lured him out of the pool.He thought it was his lucky day,but he was in for a surprise when I pushed him back into the pool!!! I never felt guilty for my doing as his silence proved his wrong intentions. I try to be my best with my family and friends while travelling,cause what’s the point in spending money and showing them what they get to see for free at home.Like old habits die hard,but can definitely be altered and reduced for the enjoyment of our loved ones.