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Good morning☕️☕️almost sick from past 15 days drinking unknowingly im purified water with 100 fever almost daily,bad bronchitis,and headache.My both kids having their final exams with my husband travelling due to his job. Too much on my hands,as I newly started recognising my writing skills too,must say my creativity should have waited until my mothers responsibility were over

Selfless love


I am the blessed and fortunate one to have the best mother,though difficulties in life forced me to wonder if my mom could have the same thought about me.As a child I was very sweet,stubborn,demanding and difficult to please,but since I was my mothers daughter she too possessed almost the same qualities but in the positive matured ways.She was sweeter than me,never ever gave up on me,demanded that I possess more of good emotions being lenient and though in difficulties pleased me with all that I demanded.I was clearly a troubled child and my mom was warned that by my paediatric at the age when I was seven.Due to the stigma then and her fight with her life, I wasn’t shown to a psychiatrist.

Today I’m a proud mother of a daughter.I call her my mirror image.While giving her birth I was hit by postpartum psychosis.Needless to mention,I was a mother in disguise of a monster.I always for more than 14 years of her innocent days made her feel guilty of her existence and the prime reason of my miseries.As GOD has it’s own ways of dealing,my husband was the balance and support of both mother and daughter.Faith having its own mood swings favoured me and while it was not too late let me improve my relation with my daughter.Me being in guilt for my monster mother ways,made the best of what was offered by our faith.It was a 360 degree change for my daughter to realise and absorb her newly found mother,but faith had to prove itself and again today I’m blessed like my own mother.To all my daughters teenager problems I have the best experience and my own mothers will and strengths while dealing with her.I would love to boast just one solution I give my daughter when sometimes her grades suffer due to her age,I tell her it’s you who have to be someone talented and career oriented to sustain in your life,I’m a mother and my love will not increase or decrease with your fluctuating grades.I will always forever love you.

Help me help yourself


I’m a recovered bipolar who suffered through for 18 years!! Stopped medicines in 2011 and today try as much as possible to spread my positivity through my blog,as I have the urge to tell people nothing is impossible even if the fight is with your own mind.Blog writing is very time consuming and the need to be a perfect and good wife and mother leaves me with less time to manage fb,twitter,linkin and meetup.As I believe in keeping a personal touch for my virtual bipolar family I would appreciate if you could send me fb friend request, as I feel it a better option to spread my positivity.Thanks and regards.Below is my Facebook link.


Invest in building memories


We all somehow and sometime in life make financial investments to secure our future depending on the figure of our bank.If we are unable to do so,the thought at least keeps playing on our minds.Its human nature and it has got nothing to do with how good or bad a magnet you are in attracting the chips.In either ways the thought of saving for our old age or for our kids future keeps us going on.When I was a child my parents were so busy in making two ends meet,that the word investments was something they thought they wouldn’t be Abel to ever make.Off-course there were happy moments in our life’s then too but due to their stress and insufficiency of funds they forgot to capture those happy moments.I grew with the thoughts of never knowing how I looked as a child,and always complained to my parents.It bothered me a lot as everyone knew how they looked and what they did in their childhood as they had pictures of themselves been clicked.

When I grew into an adult I was blessed with technology and I made the best use of it.I captured almost each and every happy moment of my kids growing up,I captured moments for all people during our functions,birthdays and weddings.I never missed an opportunity in doing so and as time passed everyone knew even if they forgot their cameras at home their moments would be willing clicked by me.For me my camera,today a smart phone is one of the best investments I made for my old age as well as my kids future.Today my kids are teenagers and while we family have our good moments and want to dwell back to our happy moments one of us climbs the loft and gets down the treasure box which is a treat to our eyes.My Investment start paying me my returns when my kids praise me about how thoughtful I was as a mother.Some investments in life are never meant to make profit,yet they make us so rich.