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Past existed gone today
Rage insanity worries and pain
In control today
If tomorrow comes
Bright is our future

Untrustworthy were she and me
Gaining trust is not our worry
Fearless are we
Lived by flames
Diplomaed by aromas

Minds weak pure heart are we
Strengths desires courage positivity we share
Indebted and in love are we
Proud of our off springs
Rooted us the perfect plant

Regrets complains hurt and pain
All forgotten showering our seeds
Blessed are we with unity
We are theirs they our ours
Past was future is

Invest in building memories


We all somehow and sometime in life make financial investments to secure our future depending on the figure of our bank.If we are unable to do so,the thought at least keeps playing on our minds.Its human nature and it has got nothing to do with how good or bad a magnet you are in attracting the chips.In either ways the thought of saving for our old age or for our kids future keeps us going on.When I was a child my parents were so busy in making two ends meet,that the word investments was something they thought they wouldn’t be Abel to ever make.Off-course there were happy moments in our life’s then too but due to their stress and insufficiency of funds they forgot to capture those happy moments.I grew with the thoughts of never knowing how I looked as a child,and always complained to my parents.It bothered me a lot as everyone knew how they looked and what they did in their childhood as they had pictures of themselves been clicked.

When I grew into an adult I was blessed with technology and I made the best use of it.I captured almost each and every happy moment of my kids growing up,I captured moments for all people during our functions,birthdays and weddings.I never missed an opportunity in doing so and as time passed everyone knew even if they forgot their cameras at home their moments would be willing clicked by me.For me my camera,today a smart phone is one of the best investments I made for my old age as well as my kids future.Today my kids are teenagers and while we family have our good moments and want to dwell back to our happy moments one of us climbs the loft and gets down the treasure box which is a treat to our eyes.My Investment start paying me my returns when my kids praise me about how thoughtful I was as a mother.Some investments in life are never meant to make profit,yet they make us so rich.