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Quietly and unknowingly the devil strikes
Silently and rapidly like an artist
It targets the innocent ones
Can’t help it from feeding

Long years of existence
Invisible to the ones who blame
Better than the mirror image
Divide and rule are it’s policy’s

Destroy the good be the evil
Destruction is on the menu
Like an erupted volcano
Engulfing sadness wherever it goes

It’s just the minds thy say
Anything to set it free
Being a slave today
Freedom is just on its way


The devils portal

The beginning of the anguish and pain

Six to seven days prior to the stains

The cells in the brain thumping hard

Heart pounding in the throat

Peevishness and resentment on the inner

Tantrums and fingers pointing at others

Punish men severely is the command

Innocent posture blaming it on her

Are we the weeker or the stronger sex

Judgments based on the damages done

Have you forgotten that birth is given by her